Getting the most out of your virtual tour

Your virtual tour will become a key tool in the marketing and promotion of your venue.  Our photographer will work with you once on site to ensure each shot reflects your business in the best way possible but taking some time to do the following preparations will help ensure the best results.  Most photo shoots will be completed in 1-2 hours:

What do you want in your tour

Which areas do you want to highlight or include? Are there some areas you want to exclude? Please let us know before or write them down so we can action them on the day.  One of the most effective techniques is to walk through your venue as a "new visitor" and see what grabs your attention or anything you would rather not highlight.them when the photographer is on site. 

Understand the cameras perspective

Your tour will create beautiful 360° images.  This means that everything you can view from a central point will be displayed in the final image.  Think carefully about where you stand to get the best 360° view in each point of your venue.  

Make it spotless

Please take time to ensure everything is clean and tidy - exactly as you would want to find it.

Rooms are usually best photographed with natural light, balanced with any additional lights if required (please make sure to have working bulbs). If your venue offers accommodation please ensure beds and pillows are crisply ironed. If you wish to add amenities, please do. Flowers, champagne, fruit plates all add colour but ensure not to over promise what is not normal practice. A few well placed items can add real feel but find a balance between this and clutter (see below).


Please take time to remove any general clutter - advertising cards, trash cans (rubbish bins), plastic cups and trays, door handle hangers, old telephones, hide wires etc.

Show off your views

Many venues we shoot with have fantastic views which are a key selling point.  We will do our best to position the camera in the best possible locations to take advantage of this.  To help with this please consider where you would stand in a room to get the best view.  From there ensure everything in the surrounding area looks as good as it can.ems.

Front Exterior

For most venues we will take a shot at the front of the building (this is essential for a Google tour).  Ideally we would have the sun front or side facing, not behind the building. If possible please block some car spaces so there is a clear view of the hotel. Cars & especially delivery vans can crowd and date a shot. Please remove any rubbish bins with ash trays etc.

With or without guests/staff

It is generally not recommended to have people in the photos (the nature of a 360 image means that it requires people to stay still if possible). If at all possible, try to schedule your photo shoot during your down time or even outside of normal business hours. If this is not possible, you can barricade certain areas while they are being photographed or we are very experienced at working tactfully around your clients.

If you would like the photo shoot to include clients or staff please try and notify them prior to the shoot.  Our photos are quick and we can work around any clients if you would rather not have them involved.

A smartly presented staff member at a reception desk or working can add character to a shoot.  If staff will be involved please ensure they are dressed as you would hope in your shoots and we can discuss position with them on the day - its very quick and relaxed.

Meeting Spaces / Wedding Spaces

It's your choice whether to have the room empty and emphasize space or set it up as you would hope to find it - we find that setting up a room produces the best results.  Please set as your guests would hope for. Linens to be crisply ironed if appropriate. As appropriate please set tables with pens, pads, glasses, water bottles, plates, cutlery, fruit, flowers, candles, small bowl of sweets looks good and add colour - give it the wow factor! Please remove flip charts, rubbish bins.

It may look good to set up a breakout with coffees, tea, pastries, juice. If there are no windows, we can photograph at any time and when is suitable for the venue.

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